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    Model tests of siltation abatement and debris deflector: Union Electric Labadie Plant (Debris Deflectors)

    Model tests of siltation abatement and debris deflector: Union Electric Labadie Plant circulting-water intake structure (IIHR technical report)

    (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B000723WGA)
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      Shindiawa 99909-317 Debris Deflector, (Debris Deflectors)

      Shindiawa 99909-317 Debris Deflector, Use

      Debris Deflector, Use
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B00CSBQRHO)
      • Brand: Shindiawa
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      Made of top quality 6061-T6 aluminum these Debris Deflectors offer a wide radius bend for more lever room. All hardware is included for ease of installation and zinc plated for durability. Debris Deflectors attach with our new U clamps for added cable/hose clearance.
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B00RM19MLI)
      • Color: Black
      • Brand: Enduro Engineering
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      MICROJIG Deflector/Connector for GRR-RIPPER and GRR-RIP BLOCK (Debris Deflectors)

      MICROJIG Deflector/Connector for GRR-RIPPER and GRR-RIP BLOCK Pushblocks


      The MJ Deflector/Connector Accessory is engineered for protection and chip/dust deflection. Keep flying debris at bay when free hand routing. Shield yourself from the sawdust and stay focused on the work. Deflector/Connector also serves as a bridge between two GRR-RIP BLOCK or GRR-RIPPER Pushblocks. It allows for multiple configurations when used on the table saw, router table, and shaper. Connect two GRR-RIP BLOCKs for handling larger material like raise panel door fronts while you pattern route. Or connect two GRR-RIPPER in tandem for rippin...
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B003E6256Y)
      • Brand: MICROJIG
      • UPC: 815267010057
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      Debris Bag (Debris Deflectors)

      Debris Bag Rotary


      Debris Bag Rotary
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B007VSQL1Q)
      • Brand: Rotary
      • UPC: 034761092462
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      Rugged Ridge 11348.02 Matte Black Bug (Debris Deflectors)

      Rugged Ridge 11348.02 Matte Black Bug Deflector


      Tired of bugs and road debris ruining the look of your hood and windshield? The new Bug Deflector from Rugged Ridge takes care of that and creates a great unique look, especially when combined with the Window Visors. Constructed of durable scratch resistant Matte Black finish acrylic, these wind and bug deflectors easily install with automotive grade tape.
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B00EF3YOZ0)
      • Color: Matte Black
      • Brand: Rugged Ridge
      • UPC: 804314253448
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      Rugged Ridge 11350.02 Smoked Bug (Debris Deflectors)

      Rugged Ridge 11350.02 Smoked Bug Deflector


      Protect your windshield and hood from flying debris and bugs with this durable Bug Deflector from Rugged Ridge. Constructed of durable shatter resistant smoked acrylic, this bug shield is designed to last the test of time. Installation is easy using double-sided tape and under hood screws. Minor drilling required.
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B004YLKK5Q)
      • Brand: Rugged Ridge
      • UPC: 804314228323
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      Rockochet Rock (Debris Deflectors)

      Rockochet Rock Deflector


      Rockochet is the World's first and only rock and debris deflector for most skateboards. Rockochet universally mounts to the trucks and does not change the normal function of the skateboard. In fact, you can still perform the majority of your tricks, because Rockochet is spring loaded to move out of the way. Rockochet is designed to go over small cracks in the sidewalk. Arm your board with Rockochet, and take on the streets!
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B015TBCRUA)
      • Color: black
      • Brand: Rockochet rock deflector
      • UPC: 711463346535
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      Rockochet Rock Deflector - Longboard (Debris Deflectors)

      Rockochet Rock Deflector - Longboard Edition


      The future is here. This revolutionary invention will surely make you the talk of the town. The Rockochet rock and debri deflector will make you the juggernaut of the skate community. The spring loaded design and adjustable height is ideal for uneven surfaces. Fits most reverse kingpin trucks, ready to get in on the action. With its ultra light weight, you won't even notice it's there. Ride free knowing that when a pesky rock wants to rain on your parade, you have Rockochet to save the day.
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B01N0KA794)
      • Brand: Rockochet
      • UPC: 711463346542
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      GT Styling 57315 Shadeblade Rear Window (Debris Deflectors)

      GT Styling 57315 Shadeblade Rear Window Deflector


      GT Styling Shadeblade Rear Window Deflector has a relatively sleek design compared to others in its class. It prevents road debris and other small particles from entering the vehicle with its wrap-around construction. This deflector installs with the help of “No-Holes-To-Drill” technology and can be removed easily for quick cleaning. It is backed by the manufacturer’s Limited lifetime warranty.
      (Debris Deflectors / ASIN: B00030AVCY)
      • Color: Smoke
      • Brand: GT Styling
      • UPC: 010767573150
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