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    Dive Rite Shoulder Pads, Set of (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads)

    Dive Rite Shoulder Pads, Set of Two


    Slide these soft shoulder pads on any 2in webbing for comfort and reduced wear to gear.
    (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads / ASIN: B0042USVJ6)
    • Brand: Dive Rite
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    Dive Rite XT Backplate (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads)

    Dive Rite XT Backplate Pad


    The XT Backplate Pad's high-tech design consists of molded foam contoured in all the right places to prevent uncomfortable pokes and prods when wearing a metal backplate. Mesh airflow channels provide instant draining topside and resist compression allowing the pad to maintain its thickness and comfort at depth. Using Velcro straps to secure to the shoulders of a harness, the XT Backplate Pad can be easily added or removed without the need to disassemble the harness. It will fit and standard backplate or harness. Made in the U.S.A.
    (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads / ASIN: B00A3XL2RE)
    • Brand: Dive Rite
    • UPC: 879642000347
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    Dive Rite Backplate BC Lumbar (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads)

    Dive Rite Backplate BC Lumbar Pad


    The Backplate Lumbar pad is designed for use with hard metal backplates. It alleviates pokes and prods from the plate into the soft area of the back and protects the exposure suit from possible bolt snags. The Backplate Lumbar Pad attaches securely to any hard backplate by threading the shoulder straps through webbing loops at the top of the pad. The lower portion of the pad attaches through the crotch strap slot with a webbing loop. A quick release buckle allows the pad to be lifted away from the plate for easy access to bolts when diving doub...
    (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads / ASIN: B000LMOGDY)
    • Color: Lumbar Pad
    • Brand: Dive Rite
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    Dive Rite Transpac XT/EXP Package - (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads)

    Dive Rite Transpac XT/EXP Package - X-Large


    Dive Rite Transpac XT uses a true mountaineer backpack design with integrated hip pads, molded foam lumbar support pad, and ergonomic shoulder pads. The Transpac XT balances weight across the hips and back, evenly distributing the weight of single or double tanks. The integrated wrap-around hip pads, made of dual density foam, snugly hug the lower back giving critical support and cushioning. Double-foam shoulder pads fit perfectly beneath the two-inch shoulder webbing to give chafe-free comfort. The Transpac XT is neutrally buoyant, weighs less...
    (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads / ASIN: B011JQYPDQ)
    • Brand: Dive Rite
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    New Hollis Elite II Adjustable Scuba Diving Harness System w/o Backplate (Size (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads)

    New Hollis Elite II Adjustable Scuba Diving Harness System w/o Backplate (Size Medium/Large)


    Tech/Rec at Its Best....Tech/Rec is at its best with the NEW Hollis Elite II Harness. The Elite II" Harness System offers you all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for." " "
    (Dive Rite Shoulder Pads / ASIN: B0064ONUP8)
    • Brand: Hollis
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