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    Woodstock Medium Emperor Gong, Natural (Emperor 34.5 Gong)

    Woodstock Medium Emperor Gong, Natural Wood

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    This Emperor Gong is inspired by traditional Asian design, intended to reflect balance, harmony, grace, and beauty, with a contemporary m. The sounds of the Emperor Gong create peaceful mood that encourages relaxation and reflection.
    (Emperor 34.5 Gong / ASIN: B0000775G4)
    • Color: bronze gong/ash
    • UPC: 849527015834
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    Emperor Gong - Black - Garden/Home Décor, Boxed for Gift-Giving, 34.5 inches (Emperor 34.5 Gong)

    Emperor Gong - Black - Garden/Home Décor, Boxed for Gift-Giving, 34.5 inches Length, 10 inches Gong Diameter


    (Emperor 34.5 Gong / ASIN: B005XRQD7O)
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      Emperor Gong (Emperor 34.5 Gong)

      Emperor Gong Medium


      The Asian-inspired design of the Woodstock Emperor Gong emulates grace, balance, and harmony. Its elegant design is centered around a hand-hammered bronze gong made with traditional techniques by a gong master. The suspension parts are constructed of beautiful cherry finish ash wood. The Emperor Gong can be played by hand or by the wind. Boxed for gift-giving. Length: 34.5 inches. Gong Diameter: 10 inches.
      (Emperor 34.5 Gong / ASIN: B005XRQD24)
      • Brand: Woodstock
      • UPC: 886827057201

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