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    The Enchanted Dolls' (Enchanted Dolls House)

    The Enchanted Dolls' House


    For the child who loves dolls, for the adult who cherishes dolls, the most sumptious celebration ever in an exquisite, multidimensional presentation, featuring pop-up period dollhouses, secret letters, hidden pictures and more.Meet Albert and Lucinda, Kristen, Oscar, Hattie and more, enchanted dolls who inhabit a magical series of homes, from a Tudor mansion to a twentieth century villa, finding adventure and secrets to discover, dances to attend, and parties to give in each era. Can it be a surprise that over the many centuries a gentle romanc...
    (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1593541821)
    • Brand: Chronicle Books
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    The Enchanted Dolls' House (Enchanted Dolls House)

    The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding


    Albert and Lucinda from the beloved The Enchanted Dolls' House have pled their troth (Victorian for "got engaged!"). It is a happy time for everyone in the Enchanted Dolls' House. All the dolls from the servant dolls to the toy dolls, even the resident dog and cat dolls enthusiastically join together to celebrate a joyous wedding with all the fashionable and tasteful accoutrement of the Edwardian, Regency and Victorian eras available to them. Four masterfully conceived and constructed pop-up buldings amaze with historical accuracy and bustle wi...
    (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 174178090X)
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      Enchanted Doll's (Enchanted Dolls House)

      Enchanted Doll's House


      ASIN: 1741247179 Product Name: Enchanted Doll's House Competing Marketplace Offers
      (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1741247179)
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        The Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre Paper Doll: Lucinda (Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre): (Enchanted Dolls House)

        The Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre Paper Doll: Lucinda (Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre): Lucinda (En

        Contains one paper doll (Lucinda), four double-sided costumes for the theatre (Harlequin, Carmen, La Sylphide, and Madame Butterfly), full-color booklet, and the storage box.
        (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1741784980)
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          The Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre Paper Masks (Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre) (Enchanted (Enchanted Dolls House)

          The Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre Paper Masks (Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre) (Enchanted Dolls' Ho


          You'll be amazed at your transformation when you try out these beautifully detailed paper masks! Perfect for dressing up, masked parties o to enliven any celebration, this size is designed to fit both children & adults. Each dye-cut mask has ribbon ties & pre-cut eyeholes. Full-color booklet: choose from the theatrical themed masks of Carmen, Harlequin, Coppelia,, or Madame Butterfly. The accompanying, full-color boklet contains information on the history & costumes worn by these characters. Store your paper doll kit in the sturdy box as a keep...
          (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1741784972)
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            The Enchanted Dolls House (Enchanted Dolls House)

            The Enchanted Dolls House Theatre

            If you are familiar with this series, you know there are all sorts of goodies there: envelopes to open, pop-ups, pull tabs, windows to open. Covers all of the offerings the Theatre had to offer: Romeo & Juliet; Pirates of Penzance; a pop-ups of the Theatre; Swan Lake ballet; My Fair Lady; Playbills; and a large envelope which contains do-it-yourself scenery for 2 plays. Delightful into for a young child to the experience of the theatre (theater). Textured front cover cloth.
            (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1741783070)
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              The Enchanted Doll's House by Johnson, Robyn (2005) (Enchanted Dolls House)

              The Enchanted Doll's House by Johnson, Robyn (2005) Hardcover


              (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: B00NPNR10Q)
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                KidKraft Belle Enchanted (Enchanted Dolls House)

                KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse


                KidKraft's Belle Enchanted Dollhouse is home to Beauty and The Beast princess Belle. Furnishings including the Armoire, foot stool and a bendy version of Lumiere the candelabra. Comes complete with all furnishings, elaborate staircase, and beautifully decorated interiors.
                (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: B01F1T1L9I)
                • Color: Belle Enchanted
                • Brand: KidKraft
                • UPC: 706943659120
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                Fairy Island: An Enchanted Tour of the Homes of the Little (Enchanted Dolls House)

                Fairy Island: An Enchanted Tour of the Homes of the Little Folk


                Noted nature crafter Laura Martin has created a fantasy for fairy-lovers. Its conceit involves a botanist, Christine Newkirk, who has discovered five tiny houses on a magical island, all made from natural materials on a perfect fairy scale—the houses are no more than 18 inches high, beds are 2 x 3 inches, shoes are 1 inch long. She documents her finds in a field diary she is keeping for her granddaughter. The woodland cottage is filled with bent twig furniture. The Japanese house displays bamboo slippers outside the door, and the beach house...
                (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: 1579124550)
                • Brand: Brand: Black Dog Leventhal Publishers
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                The Enchanted Doll House (Enchanted Dolls House)

                The Enchanted Doll House 1977-1978

                (Enchanted Dolls House / ASIN: B000M38WMS)
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