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    Every Dark Corner (The Cincinnati (Karen Rose)

    Every Dark Corner (The Cincinnati Series)


    In this nerve-shattering novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Alone in the Dark, special Agents Griffin Davenport and Kate Coppola are on the trail of a depraved criminal...When FBI Special Agent Griffin "Decker" Davenport opens his eyes after several days in a coma, there is unfinished business still on his mind. Decker's on the cusp of discovering the mastermind behind a human trafficking case, and he and his partner, Special Agent Kate Coppola, are determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. And they’re about to get a su...
    (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0399583068)
    • Brand: BERKLEY
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    Monster in the Closet (The Baltimore (Karen Rose)

    Monster in the Closet (The Baltimore Series)


    The New York Times bestselling author of Every Dark Corner returns to Baltimore, where a father-daughter reunion puts innocent victims in the sights of a stone-cold killer…Baltimore PI Clay Maynard routinely locates missing children for clients, but his own daughter—stolen by his ex-wife—has eluded him for years. Until she turns up right under his nose…   Since she was a child, Taylor Dawson believed the lie her mother told her: that her father was a monster. But now she has a chance to get to know the real Clay while doing real work a...
    (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0399586768)
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      Alone in the Dark (The Cincinnati (Karen Rose)

      Alone in the Dark (The Cincinnati Series)


      The New York Times bestselling author of Closer Than You Think returns with a breathtaking new novel of suspense in the Cincinnati series—one that crosses the line between danger and desire, and justice and revenge.   Homicide Detective Scarlett Bishop has seen enough bad guys slip through the cracks and innocent victims go unavenged to know that good doesn't always prevail. So far she’s been able to lock away her rage and her vigilante fantasies. That lock is about to break.   Former Army Ranger Marcus O'Bannion is a fierce champion of ...
      (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0451466748)
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        Closer Than You Think (The Cincinnati (Karen Rose)

        Closer Than You Think (The Cincinnati Series)


        From the New York Times bestselling author of Watch Your Back and Did You Miss Me comes the newest novel by “the queen of romantic suspense” (Crime and Punishment). Psychologist Faith Corcoran is desperate to escape the stalker who’s made her life a nightmare for the past year—desperate enough to run to the one place that has been her nightmare far longer. Both boon and bane, her recent inheritance of her grandmother’s old house in Cincinnati offers sanctuary in which she can start her life anew, but requires that she face the dark me...
        (Karen Rose / ASIN: 045146673X)
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          Have You Seen (Karen Rose)

          Have You Seen Her?


          Widowed special agent Stephen Thatcher meets his teenage son's teacher, Jenna Marshall. Soon, they are falling in love while on the the twisted path of a serial killer. Original.
          (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0446612812)
          • Brand: Grand Central Publishing
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          You Belong to Me (The Baltimore (Karen Rose)

          You Belong to Me (The Baltimore Series)


          Baltimore city Homicide Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick has seen a lot of violence but nothing like the trail of tortured bodies that are turning up throughout the city. And now he's starting to suspect that his medical examiner, Dr. Lucy Trask, may be shielding a dark secret that could connect her to these vicious killings-and put her next on the killer's hit list...
          (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0451233573)
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            No One Left to Tell (Romantic suspense Book (Karen Rose)

            No One Left to Tell (Romantic suspense Book 13)

            (Karen Rose / ASIN: B0073XV3JE)
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              Watch Your Back (The Baltimore (Karen Rose)

              Watch Your Back (The Baltimore Series)


              A cold case reopened. A murderer re-emerging more deadly than ever before… Baltimore Homicide Detective Stevie Mazzetti has suffered losses no woman should have to endure. And, despite it all, she’s still a fighter. When she learns that her ex-partner might have miscarried justice, she’s determined to put the past to rights, even when she becomes a target. It’s former Marine Clay Maynard’s job to see the risk in every situation, but he doesn’t have to look hard to find the danger surrounding Stevie. Since the minute he first saw h...
              (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0451414101)
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                Did You Miss Me? (The Baltimore (Karen Rose)

                Did You Miss Me? (The Baltimore Series)


                Baltimore prosecutor Daphne Montgomery pulled herself out of a damaged past to build a solid life for herself and her son. But after she helps to convict a killer, her confidence is shattered once again by the news that her son has been kidnapped. Daphne believes it’s connected to the recent high-profile trial, and at first FBI special agent Joseph Carter agrees. But together they find the reality to be even more troubling, and it runs deeper than Daphne fears. With her son’s life in jeopardy, she must unlock a dreadful secret about her pas...
                (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0451414098)
                • Brand: Signet
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                You Can't (Karen Rose)

                You Can't Hide


                Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can't break her oath to protect her patients' privacy at all costs. Even when detective Aidan Reagan demands a list of everyone she's treating. Even when the mounting danger threatens Tess herself. Aidan doesn't like anyone who stalls his cases. Still, he can't help but admire Tess's fierce loyalty to her patients, especially when it becomes clear that a nameles...
                (Karen Rose / ASIN: 0446616893)
                • Brand: Grand Central Publishing
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