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    Yamaha KP65 Electronic Drum Kick (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Yamaha KP65 Electronic Drum Kick Tower


    Responsive rubber kick pad large enough to accomodate a double bass pedal
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B001R2RA4E)
    • Brand: Yamaha
    • UPC: 613815586111
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    Roland KD-120B V-Kick Trigger Pad - (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Roland KD-120B V-Kick Trigger Pad - Black


    Roland's time-tested KD-120BK V-Kick Trigger Pad now comes in a new black color to complement the new V-Pro kits and other V-Drums series. The 12-inch pad offers fast, natural kick drum response and is designed to accept double bass pedals.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B000EMNPI8)
    • Brand: Roland
    • UPC: 761294084946
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    Goedrum 10 inch Electronic Bass Pad with Stand / 10

    Goedrum 10 inch Electronic Bass Pad with Stand / 10" Mesh Head Kick Drum Pad


    1. This listing is for one 10" electronic bass drum pad and it comes with stand. 2. It has a 6.3 mm stereo jack socket and one triggered Drumhead sound, which can be programmed independently. 3. Allows you to use a double bass pedal with it. 4. Approximate Dimensions : Width (from leg to leg) : 52cm , Height : 43cm, Leg Length : 41cm. 5. This eBass drum pad can work together with most drum sound modules in the market. 6. Demo videos (Playing with Goedrum e6 drum sound module)
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B018A2Y99M)
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Goedrum
    • UPC: 736649928862
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    Roland RT-30K Kick Drum (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Roland RT-30K Kick Drum Trigger


    Whether you're looking to turn your drum set into a hybrid kit or simply track MIDI when you record in the studio, Roland RT-30 series triggers are the way to go. This RT-30K kick drum trigger is a prefect fit for your bass drum, offering optimum positioning options for accurate detection. It attaches easily and securely, and its low-profile body stays out of the way. It's built for the long haul too, with a fiberglass-reinforced ABS body that can take a bit of abuse. And with its side trigger output port (TRS cable included), cable management ...
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B00V5BO60S)
    • Color: black
    • Brand: Roland
    • UPC: 761294507117
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    Alesis RealHead Kick (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Alesis RealHead Kick Pad


    This velocity-sensitive kick drum pad features a real mylar drumhead and triple-flanged hoop for the most natural, acoustic drum feel. You can adjust its head tension with a standard drum key, and the head is replaceable with any standard 8” head. You can use it with virtually all single and double bass drum pedals and beaters and its integrated stand features adjustable spikes for holding its position on carpet. It works with virtually all e-percussion modules and devices including the DM10, DM5, Trigger|iO, and ControlPad.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B003KZ2A4G)
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Alesis
    • UPC: 694318013410
  6. new
    KAT Percussion KT-KP1 Bass Drum (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    KAT Percussion KT-KP1 Bass Drum Trigger


    The KT-KP1 "KICK PAD" compact kick trigger is specially made to work with the KAT KTMP1 Multipad via a bass drum pedal. The unit also works great with all common piezo input trigger interfaces and drum modules with a piezo trigger input. It extends the sound triggering capability of the KTMP1 by providing bass drum operation using this unit along with a standard bass drum pedal.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B00IN2WHJE)
    • Brand: KAT Percussion
    • UPC: 736021442634
  7. new
    Roland KD-9 Kick Pad for Roland V-Drum Electronic Drums with 1 Year (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Roland KD-9 Kick Pad for Roland V-Drum Electronic Drums with 1 Year Free Extended Warranty


    Includes 1 Year Free Extended Warranty. With new mechanics and a cloth-designed bass drum head, the KD-9 provides great feel, dynamic response, accurate triggering and solid playability even when using a double pedal. It's also easy and quick to set up.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B01K6PSJLA)
    • Brand: Roland
    • UPC: 714573525890
  8. new
    Yamaha DT-20 Drum Trigger for Kick and Large Diameter (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Yamaha DT-20 Drum Trigger for Kick and Large Diameter Drums


    Drum Trigger for drum shell or drum head attachment.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B007723SJE)
    • Brand: Yamaha
    • UPC: 086792829845
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    Simmons S1500 Pro Kick Pad and Stand with Chrome (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Simmons S1500 Pro Kick Pad and Stand with Chrome Legs


    The Simmons S1500KIK9S professional electronic kick tower is the most stable and flexible kick trigger on the market. The 9" single zone trigger surface is made of durable rubber and is large enough to easily accept single and double pedals. The rugged metal frame is designed to stand up to hours of playing and performance. Precision, pivoting chrome legs with integrated carpet spikes (rubber covers included) ensure the tower stays in place even for the most demanding drummer. Plus, it's the ideal kick upgrade for your SD1000 and SD500 kits....
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B00RZUEY4G)
    • Brand: Simmons
    • UPC: 656238023443
  10. new
    Roland KD85 Kick Trigger Pad Black 8 (Kick Drum Trigger Pad)

    Roland KD85 Kick Trigger Pad Black 8 Inches

    Sink your beater into this solid, great-feeling mesh kick pad. With improved pad cushioning for a better feel, and available in black or white finishes, the Roland KD-85 can accommodate double-bass pedals. Torture-tested for quality assurance, this new pad has the stamina and stability to handle the toughest poundings.
    (Kick Drum Trigger Pad / ASIN: B000EHQJTU)
    • Brand: Roland
    • UPC: 761294088029
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