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    Peavey 03022910 Multi-Purpose 2-Button (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey 03022910 Multi-Purpose 2-Button Footswitch


    For use with Trans Tube Bandit/Delta Blues/Supreme Head/Acoustic 112/Mark VIII Footswitch, Bandit 65/75/80/112, Special 112/130/150, Studio Pro112, Envoy 110, Bravo 112, Classic 30 Head, Classic 30/112, Classic 50 Head, Classic 50/212, Classic 50/410 Classic 100 Head, Trans Tube Envoy, Protege, Tour TNT 115 Combo & Headliner Bass Amp Head
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00OGZVTZA)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367634686
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    Peavey Multi-Purpose 2-Button Footswitch with (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey Multi-Purpose 2-Button Footswitch with LEDs


    This angled, ergonomically designed Peavey multi-purpose 2-button stereo footswitch features a sturdy molded housing and quality metal switch components. The two buttons are labeled 1 and 2 with red and green LED lights for ease of operation. 15' right angle 1/4" cable included. For use with ValveKing and Windsor, 6505 Head and 6505 1x12" Combo
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00UBGFR88)
    • Color: BLACK
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367634693
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    Peavey Sanpera I Vypyr Amplifier Foot Controller (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey Sanpera I Vypyr Amplifier Foot Controller 03017540


    The Sanpera I includes an expression pedal for executing volume, wah and pitch shifter functions, plus four momentary feature selector buttons. The Sanpera I is housed in roadworthy and rugged cast-metal casing and features high-quality metal switches.
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00C10964I)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 617353285246
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    Peavey TransTube Special 212 (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey TransTube Special 212 Footswitch


    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00584UA3A)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367138146
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    Peavey 6505 Plus 3-Button Footswitch (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey 6505 Plus 3-Button Footswitch Pedal


    Use this noiseless footswitch to control any compatible Peavey amp's channel selection, distortion, or effects loop -- with the stomp of a switch. Get control of your Peavey 6505 Plus head with this high quality footswitch. The Peavey 6505 Plus Footswitch features 3 buttons that give you control over Channel, Crunch, and Effects Loop -- a must have for any owner of this great amp.
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B002MXGP48)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367138207
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    Peavey Electronics Sanpera II Foot (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey Electronics Sanpera II Foot Controller


    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00C1096RU)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367620504
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    Peavey Stereo Chorus(TM) 212 (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey Stereo Chorus(TM) 212 Footswitch


    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B00584TQ9O)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 133587633313
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    Peavey Two-Button Stereo (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey Two-Button Stereo Footswitch


    This 2-Button Stereo Footswitch is for use with the following Peavey models.Bandit 65/75/80/112 Special 112/130/150Studio Pro112Envoy110Bravo112 Classic 30 Head Classic 30/112Classic 50 Head Classic 50/212Classic 50/410 Classic100 Head TransTube EnvoyProtegeFeatures: Stereo 1/4 inch phone plugTip-ring-sleeve phone plug allows for two simultaneous functionsSelect/Effects button allows you to switch from the saturation (distortion) to normal (clean) channelReverb button turns reverb on or off14 foot cable includedGet yours today; with the securit...
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B003RB3Z60)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 609722149433
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    Peavey JSX (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey JSX Footswitch


    3 Button Special Use Ft./Sw.
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B004W848J0)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 014367138252
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    Peavey On/Off 1 Button Footswitch with 15' (Peavey Footswitch)

    Peavey On/Off 1 Button Footswitch with 15' Cable


    Push On/Push Off Button Switch
    (Peavey Footswitch / ASIN: B004ZZVIQQ)
    • Brand: Peavey
    • UPC: 609722149457
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