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    Tough 1 Polo Wraps, (Polo Bandages)

    Tough 1 Polo Wraps, Purple


    A quality bandage for racing, hunt, polo and shipping. Elastic support combined with fleece makes this bandage not only protective but resilient and shock resistant. "Quick grip" closure, 5" wide x 2 1/2 yards long. Set of 4.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B002HOJVC0)
    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Tough 1
    • UPC: 688499139069
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    TUFFRIDER Fleece Polo Bandages - NEON PEACH (Polo Bandages)

    TUFFRIDER Fleece Polo Bandages - NEON PEACH STD


    Made from heavy anit-pill w/wide Velcro closure. 6" wide, and 3 yard length. Set of 4 comes in zipper plastic storage bag.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B00LF9Z0DW)
    • Color: Neon Peach
    • Brand: TuffRider
    • UPC: 849913008488
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    Centaur Polo Bandages - (Polo Bandages)

    Centaur Polo Bandages - BLACK\REG


    Non-Pilling polo fleece bandages with velcro closures to match your horse's Centaur ensemble. Set of 4
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B002HOEUP8)
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Centaur
    • UPC: 841095170229
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    Intrepid International Bandage Roller for Polo Wraps and (Polo Bandages)

    Intrepid International Bandage Roller for Polo Wraps and Knits


    Bandage and Polo Wrap Roller. Finally a neat way to roll up all your knit bandages and polo wraps. Here is a job you won't mind doing with this little roller. Easily mounts to your wall.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B008OB34UA)
    • Brand: Intrepid International
    • UPC: 754888973436
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    Intrepid International Polo Wraps Full Set, (Polo Bandages)

    Intrepid International Polo Wraps Full Set, Yellow


    Polo Wraps Horse and Pony Sizes. Soft, stretchy fleece bandages that go directly on the horse's legs to protect them while riding or lunging. These come in a set of 4. The Horse size is 5 Inch wide and 89 Inch long Very popular item. The pony size is 4 Inch wide and 65 Inch long with 1 1/2 wide touch tape strips. Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Hunter Green, Maroon, Navy, Grey, Purple, Green, white, Teal, Yellow and Hot Pink Size: Pony or Horse (add 1.00).
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B000CC0ECA)
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Intrepid International
    • UPC: 754888030368
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    Weaver Leather Polo Wraps, (Polo Bandages)

    Weaver Leather Polo Wraps, Turquoise


    Constructed from top quality brushed pile fleece, these leg wraps provide your horse with the leg support needed during strenuous workouts. Hook and loop closures for easy on and off and a convenient machine washable design make these leg wraps perfect for the busy horseperson. Measure 4-1/2" wide x approximately 9' long. Sold per set of four.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B00J4KC6SG)
    • Color: Turquoise
    • Brand: Weaver Leather
    • UPC: 000399612914
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    Horze Finn-Tack Polo (Polo Bandages)

    Horze Finn-Tack Polo Bandages


    Set of 4 pieces of bandages, made of anti-piling fleece. Length: 4m, width 11cm.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B00JJQ4SBS)
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Finn-Tack
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    Centaur Polo Bandages- (Polo Bandages)

    Centaur Polo Bandages- 12'


    Plush non-pilling fleece with hook and loop closures.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B00DRIOFI0)
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Centaur
    • UPC: 841095577813
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    Roma Thick Polo Bandage Set Of (Polo Bandages)

    Roma Thick Polo Bandage Set Of 4


    3 Yards Of 100% Polyester Fleece Bandages With Touch Tape Fastenings.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B002KS6V1C)
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Brand: Roma F.C.
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    Roma Thick Polo Bandages 4 Pack Grey One (Polo Bandages)

    Roma Thick Polo Bandages 4 Pack Grey One Size


    The Roma Thick Polo bandages have 3 yards Of 100% polyester fleece with touch tape fastenings.
    (Polo Bandages / ASIN: B01692F2S2)
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Roma F.C.
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