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    Bone Aid Calci-sand Pure Natural Calcium carbonate substrate 5 (T-rex Bone Aid)

    Bone Aid Calci-sand Pure Natural Calcium carbonate substrate 5 Lbs.Cherry


    Calci-sand is a fine granular calciferous sand specially prepared to be ideal reptile cages substrate for snakes, lizard, tortosises, and turtles
    (T-rex Bone Aid / ASIN: B0002DK7OY)
    • Brand: TREX
    • UPC: 643854817143
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    T-Rex Microstick Calcium Powder - 2.1 (T-rex Bone Aid)

    T-Rex Microstick Calcium Powder - 2.1 oz


    T-Rex Bone Aid Microstick Calcium Powder is designed for dusting insects and food before feeding reptiles. Contains special additives to ensure powder adhesion to the insect or food before feeding time.
    (T-rex Bone Aid / ASIN: B0002AQRPA)
    • Brand: T-Rex
    • UPC: 643854803405
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